I doubt they flew from Chapel Hill, but does UNC find an airport tarmac to fire Fedora at just on principle? Woof. 🏈

I’m not a gamer. I suck at video games. I just bought an Xbox One (mostly for the kid). I have a GamePass trial. What should I play?

🏈 Let’s Go Mountaineers! That’s about the most enjoyable season opener I’ve watched in a while. #WVU #TakeThatHerbie

Every time I travel to a city that has a light rail system (this time, Salt Lake City), it makes me madder that Indy (and, to be fair, the northern suburbs) refuses to do it.

Welcome to the TV kickoff of Week Zero of the 2018-19 college football season!

Here’s to you, Hawaii and Colorado State (and CBS Sports Network).


Said during my wisdom tooth removal today: “Next time I do this, remind me to take the sedation option.”

Ouch earlier, but feeling pretty decent right now (this might be the pain meds talking).

Wondering if there’s a secret undercurrent of college football nerds like myself lurking in the micro.blog community. 🏈

(Still miss TIY’s #sportsball Slack channel)

A lot of today’s general awfulness was magically washed away by singing along with my kids to “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” on the way home from dinner.

(Before anybody worries, I feel fine)

I’ve sworn off DIY plumbing for nearly a decade (since almost burning down my house). But: I just successfully replaced a garbage disposal and feel like Bob Vila.

Is @IndyPopCon trying to say something by having nobody show up for the opening day newbie panel?

I kid.

I think?

We got fresh Engineering team laptop stickers thanks to @Sigstrapp’s amazing design staff and our loud, clacky keyboards.

Couple of notes while I cool off for a bit:

  • It’s loud, but not as loud as I expected.
  • Today, it’s hot af.
  • Good lord, there’s a lot of people here.
  • The parade laps and race start are awesome
  • The event vibe is Vegas underbelly plus fervent militarism and patriotism theater.

All done with today’s three events, and Benjamin finished NotLast in all! He even made the initial cutoff time for the two that had them (you have to beat a certain time in your first two to finish the round).

This calls for ice cream!

Benjamin’s first event of four - the standard 3x3x3 - is underway. Just waiting for his heat.

As a reminder, Vannoy family goals are for NotLast.

This competition is way bigger than our last, and Benjamin’s already gotten to freak out while meeting a YouCuber (YouTube Cuber … this isn’t actually a term, I’m just trying it out) he knew. Big thanks to @brodythecuber (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmRrNhvw9kDgvLmBCcQRzJA) for being awesome.

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