All done with today’s three events, and Benjamin finished NotLast in all! He even made the initial cutoff time for the two that had them (you have to beat a certain time in your first two to finish the round).

This calls for ice cream!

Benjamin’s first event of four - the standard 3x3x3 - is underway. Just waiting for his heat.

As a reminder, Vannoy family goals are for NotLast.

This competition is way bigger than our last, and Benjamin’s already gotten to freak out while meeting a YouCuber (YouTube Cuber … this isn’t actually a term, I’m just trying it out) he knew. Big thanks to @brodythecuber ( for being awesome.

IMG 1271

As an aside: 15 years has been at once a blink of an eye and a lifetime.

It’s a milestone, sure, but we’ve been generally having enough fun that it kinda snuck up on us.

Going to have to plan a bit more five years from now I suspect.

Took the day off to spend with my wife on our 15th wedding anniversary.

No real plans. We went out for lunch. Grabbed some ice cream. Just low-key hanging out otherwise.

Just like we love to do.

It’s been a good day.

Mindlessly formatting bad data, listening to Weezer for the first time in years and having to work very, very hard not to start belting it out in the middle of a quiet office.

Here’s the full layout of today’s tournament. There were about 60 participants in total.

Next one we’re planning to hit up has ~300 and lasts three days (more events).

The first competition of the day is Megaminx (a ball/hexagon shaped puzzle with solve times in minutes rather than seconds).

The event also promises live results. If you’re wanting to follow along, he starts with the 3x3x3 Cube First Round after lunch.

Of note: I don’t expect him to make it far. He’s fast for mortals, but way off competition times.

Today’s event is being held in a high school cafeteria. Ben’s off nerding out with other cubers right now, but I captured his excitement when we got here this morning.