Surprising things that get me emotional:

  • When Scarlet Witch confronts Thanos in Endgame
  • The first Falcon flying sequence in The Force Awakens
  • The launch sequence in “Apollo 11”
  • “For the First Time in Forever”

Played more Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter tonight and logged my first frags and dragged a team to third place.

It’s fun. Even for shitty gamers like me.

My git confessions: Never rebase. Never squash. Avoid like the plague anything that touches/edits/changes commit history.

I like a messy commit history - time spent grooming your commit history robs future you of context and takes mental energy better spent on more interesting things.

Happy to be home after a filled Memorial Day weekend in the Bay Area with Dad and my kids. A lot of unforgettable moments. 64E44B1C-3F31-4B5A-BCC3-8D2358CB31C9.jpg AE9FF578-7EE9-4C3F-A99E-662D08A549D0.jpg 51BE06DB-67EA-4A22-9362-DF162A6B0462.jpg D82C6A21-AC35-40F7-B436-E26E22253698.jpg C82D8DD1-9C1F-4C49-B325-41CAC513E1E0.jpg

My perch for the bulk of the day today as I’m a Game Monitor for the Division III National Math Pentathlon tournament*

  • - National really just covers a couple of states. It’s a decidedly regional thing. 63279026-D9F8-4716-AED5-C07981CCD6D6.jpg

Congratulations #WarEagle. Take it as a WVU fan, beating an overconfident UK to punch your ticket to the Final Four feels awfully nice.

All done. And #NotLast all around.

Benjamin also got geeked about meeting a recent 2x2 record holder (pictured).


Two events down and so far Benjamin has shaved 2s off his 2x2 average solve and also set a personal best for his 3x3 average.

Oh! And he placed 50th in the 2x2. That’s (I think) his first top-half finish of a competition.

#NotLast indeed.

He’s competing in 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4.

4x is a new event for him.

As always our only goals are to have fun, nerd out, and finish #NotLast.

Planning my 2019 football trips already. And noticing Michigan State and Michigan are both at home on September 28. And wondering if I can pull the double. Oh, and Vanderbilt is home the day before.

Might be a busy weekend.

Yesterday: bought a whole chicken on sale ($5). Roasted said chicken. Ate it for dinner.

Today: Chicken salad for lunch. Then made chicken stock from yesterday’s carcass. Then made chicken tortilla soup from that. Tomorrow: two more soups from that stock.

Cooking-wise, 2018 is ending on a pretty high note.

I spoke at our quarterly company meeting yesterday.

Afterward, a coworker called me “charismatic.”

My response: “No. I’m aggressively not.”

My wife’s response to this story? Aggressive laughter (and not at my response)

I quit smoking a year ago today.

Notes from that day:

Today was rough. Very distracted. Many cravings. I persisted.

And did for 364 days thereafter. 🎉 565847BC-102D-4426-9FE2-B0E92BC31D52.jpg

#Fallout76 is especially fun as a native West Virginian. Last night’s session involved the delightful discovery of The World’s Largest Teapot.

In the real world, that landmark is located in Chester, WV, the northern most city in the state.… 01335D00-6977-427E-9440-04E89084F0C1.jpg

At the Ohio State game I went to a few weeks ago, I told Buckeye fans around me that this defense would lose them a game.

Looks like tonight’s that night.

🏈 #BoilerUp

Had anticipated this game being a rainy and fairly miserable experience, but it seems the rain’s stayed north of us and it’s a perfect fall day. Bonus: The home team is also winning. 3FA68874-1F21-4832-BECF-7A65B6BCBE63.jpg 1249B7EF-865E-46B8-A324-05BF85FC7E34.jpg CAB79DED-7E49-479B-BF49-F8E24B4C0B01.jpg 91DBDB58-2C4B-4B78-A5D0-99FA58DE2980.jpg

If this game has an instant replay, there’s a very good chance Lauren and I are making the (ESPN3 Streaming) broadcast. F349E467-C0E5-4C26-8EF9-E13C2CA5B631.jpg

One more stadium to close out the birthday month.

Greetings from The Glass Bowl, home of the University of Toledo Rockets. Featuring: A special guest.

B462B529-8E30-4003-A492-D12DC05333C5.jpg A8148065-2BFB-46BE-B5A9-0622006EBBC3.jpg 04EFE2A8-D42D-43E0-80C4-554738998813.jpg 2335CB19-DDDC-4F8A-9E74-26E5BB650A48.jpg