I quit smoking a year ago today.

Notes from that day:

Today was rough. Very distracted. Many cravings. I persisted.

And did for 364 days thereafter. 🎉 565847BC-102D-4426-9FE2-B0E92BC31D52.jpg

#Fallout76 is especially fun as a native West Virginian. Last night’s session involved the delightful discovery of The World’s Largest Teapot.

In the real world, that landmark is located in Chester, WV, the northern most city in the state.

chester.lib.wv.us/teapot.ht… 01335D00-6977-427E-9440-04E89084F0C1.jpg

At the Ohio State game I went to a few weeks ago, I told Buckeye fans around me that this defense would lose them a game.

Looks like tonight’s that night.

🏈 #BoilerUp

Had anticipated this game being a rainy and fairly miserable experience, but it seems the rain’s stayed north of us and it’s a perfect fall day. Bonus: The home team is also winning. 3FA68874-1F21-4832-BECF-7A65B6BCBE63.jpg 1249B7EF-865E-46B8-A324-05BF85FC7E34.jpg CAB79DED-7E49-479B-BF49-F8E24B4C0B01.jpg 91DBDB58-2C4B-4B78-A5D0-99FA58DE2980.jpg

If this game has an instant replay, there’s a very good chance Lauren and I are making the (ESPN3 Streaming) broadcast. F349E467-C0E5-4C26-8EF9-E13C2CA5B631.jpg

One more stadium to close out the birthday month.

Greetings from The Glass Bowl, home of the University of Toledo Rockets. Featuring: A special guest.

B462B529-8E30-4003-A492-D12DC05333C5.jpg A8148065-2BFB-46BE-B5A9-0622006EBBC3.jpg 04EFE2A8-D42D-43E0-80C4-554738998813.jpg 2335CB19-DDDC-4F8A-9E74-26E5BB650A48.jpg

More photos from a crappy WVU game, but a top-notch game to catch at Iowa State (as in: as a CFB fan, you get one game in Ames? Make it a night game upset over a top ten opponent).

8685584A-9F5D-4309-AAF1-DC3DE750BEF4.jpg 7525CAD6-7468-4FC3-8814-4C138D06099B.jpg 6E9BCA81-FC54-4D04-B512-82520ED61ED5.jpg 4F5E2797-6911-4A3A-93D2-9291C53DC1B5.jpg

Sliver lining: I was here for a patented Saturday Night in Ames. Shame my team on the receiving end, but here’s to Jack Trice Magic.

Another week, another stadium. Greetings from Iowa State’s Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, IA.

No rooting for the home team this week. Let’s Go Mountaineers!

D97853AD-F104-4351-AAFF-8D9724DA321D.jpg ABC02958-5B4D-4A8E-A9C9-CF55D6642958.jpg 0F19C289-16A5-41AA-AD31-C7F3EFDEB8EA.jpg 62382D53-6F28-45C7-BA10-B21D1064A6FB.jpg

When I do these stadium visits, I have three rooting interests: WVU, Chaos, and the Home Team. In that order.

Late in the third quarter, and Chaos is still very much in play.

Kicking off my birthday month with another stadium off the list (100 or so to go, next up Ames, IA). Greetings from The Horseshoe.
3017110B-FD5D-4AC5-888E-642CDEAC874D.jpg 7F7F99CC-33D6-4A6B-8D09-1DDB286EEEE7.jpg 94A9B8B4-5ACE-43F1-823C-6123384F7EB0.jpg 8FD32292-EAA3-44F2-8D57-966137C15A0D.jpg

I doubt they flew from Chapel Hill, but does UNC find an airport tarmac to fire Fedora at just on principle? Woof. 🏈

I’m not a gamer. I suck at video games. I just bought an Xbox One (mostly for the kid). I have a GamePass trial. What should I play?

🏈 Let’s Go Mountaineers! That’s about the most enjoyable season opener I’ve watched in a while. #WVU #TakeThatHerbie

Every time I travel to a city that has a light rail system (this time, Salt Lake City), it makes me madder that Indy (and, to be fair, the northern suburbs) refuses to do it.

Welcome to the TV kickoff of Week Zero of the 2018-19 college football season!

Here’s to you, Hawaii and Colorado State (and CBS Sports Network).


Said during my wisdom tooth removal today: “Next time I do this, remind me to take the sedation option.”

Ouch earlier, but feeling pretty decent right now (this might be the pain meds talking).

Wondering if there’s a secret undercurrent of college football nerds like myself lurking in the micro.blog community. 🏈

(Still miss TIY’s #sportsball Slack channel)

A lot of today’s general awfulness was magically washed away by singing along with my kids to “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” on the way home from dinner.

(Before anybody worries, I feel fine)