Hindsight is 2020

In the just passed (observed) decade I:

  • Had a second kid.
  • Found out both kids are on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Went into massive medical debt getting them therapy.
  • Had five jobs - plus a wee bit of freelancing.
  • Got fired for the first time.
  • Started a ridiculous quest - to see a home game at every FBS football school.
  • Tried and failed to build my own company at least three times (maybe more if we count landing pages).
  • Had the two most rewarding jobs of my career (in two very different ways).
  • Lost contact with a lot of friends and family.
  • Grew to love Indianapolis and become frustrated with Indiana.
  • Quit smoking after doing so pretty regularly since college.

As I look forward to the next (observed) decade:

  • I’ll get to see those kids graduate high school and start college (or get darn close). OMFG.
  • I’ll try to teach those kids to drive.
  • I intend to make a lot more progress on my quest.
  • Sometime in there, that debt load should clear - at least I surely hope so.
  • As my kids get older, it should get easier to keep up with folks.
  • Do what I can to improve Indy - even if it’s just picking up litter.
  • Cook a lot more.
  • Travel a lot more.
  • Double down on the good stuff, the stuff I like, and try to minimize the stuff I don’t.
  • Screw up just as much stuff - if not more - than I did the last ten years.
Chris Vannoy @v