Talks and videos

I ocassionally speak at things like Ruby user groups and panels. Where there’s video or audio available, you can find them here.


The following talks or panel discussions were presented at Indy.rb.

June 2018 - Fishbowl Panel on Mentoring Engineers

An impromptu panel on mentoring junior developers at Indy.rb.

June 2017 - Scripting the Mac with Ruby

Combining Ruby, AppleScript and Automator for Rube Goldberg style applications.

August 2016 - Stupid ActiveRecord Tricks

Super quick talk walking through some lesser known bits of Rails’ ActiveRecord.

September 2016 - PLIBMTTBHGATY

A fly through of Crystal, Swift and other languages to build the same API.

September 2015 - Teaching & Mentoring Panel

Panel discussion about teaching. This took place near the end of my first cohort teaching Ruby and Rails for The Iron Yard here in Indianapolis.

November 2010 - Sinatra


A walkthrough of Sinatra, or at least Sinatra as of late 2010. I was working at IndyStar back then.

FailFest (Fishers)

July 2016 - Programming failure


A talk given at FailFest about how learning to program is really about learning how to deal with failure. Video apparently unavailable.

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