IMG 6751

My family and I in the Rockies in Autumn 2020. I’m the tall dude in the back.

I am a person with a family of four.

I am a person that has a home in Indianapolis, IN.

I am person from Spencer, WV.

I am person who graduated (eventually) from West Virginia University.

I am a person who tries to take a walk every day.

I am a person who cooks.

I am person who travels - more when there’s not a pandemic raging.

I am person with a weird quest - to see a home game at every FBS college football stadium.

I am person trying to make the world a better place when he can.

I am a person who works in technology - engineering, management of engineers, management of “product” at various times.

I am a person that taught at a coding bootcamp for two years.

I am a person who cries more than you might expect.

I am a person who makes jokes to deal with difficult subjects.

I am a person doing the best he can … most of the time.

Chris Vannoy @v