It’s my third day stationed here in Safehouse Alpha. Accommodations remain pleasant enough - and the communication relays are up enough for me to get communiques from Agents Disney, Netflix and Prime. Agent Hulu has not been heard from for quite some time, however …

Supplies are starting to run thin, but I remain careful. There are agents of COVID everywhere and I dare not risk exposure - not while the mission is still at risk.

The view from the window of Autobahn 69 still feeds my wanderlust, but the weather - snow and driving wind - largely kept me socked in today.

Did pick up a dead drop from Agent Amazon, though … a knife - sharp and ready. Codename Target also came through with some potions and some Mexican intel.

Dinner was scrambled eggs … good protein source, but our stock of carbohydrates - bread, for instance - never arrived.

Ending the day with rum, with our stocks drained to less than half, good ol’ American Coca Cola, and dispatches from Wakanda.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, I might make an attempt to reach our agents in the Dunes. Or our forces in the Hot Lands.

I do wonder, though, how much longer this safehouse will hold … the landlord is getting nosey.

Agent Silk signing off.

Chris Vannoy @v